Headphone Cases

The Best Headphone Cases To Carry And Protect Your Headphones In 2020

Music makes our lives happier and compels us to dance to its rhythm. People of all ages can be seen with their headphones on and grooving to their favorite beats while traveling, working or even studying.

Today, headphones are serious business. Long gone are the days where we’d be content with a pair of in-flight headphones provided by the airline. Nowadays, we’re picky about everything from audio fidelity and design to smaller details like noise isolation properties, wireless vs wired and open back vs closed back.

Why you should buy a headphone case:

However, to take proper care of your shiny new pair of headphones, getting a nice case might be in order. Damage to headphones usually results from mishandling and improper care.

If you’re careful, you might get away with a few scuffs on the earpads or expected wear and tear to the cabling. However, something like dropping them on concrete while you’re outside might damage the internals – Not something you’d want to risk if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on audiophile grade equipment.

Luckily, headphone cases are there to safeguard your headphones from such possibilities. Furthermore, they don’t exist solely to protect them. Most of them feature extras like an extra compartment which can fit detachable cables or a carrying handle.

Our Favorite Headphone Case in 2020

Homvare Hard Shell Case For Over-The-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for a no-frills hard shell case for an average-sized pair of over the ear headphones, look no further than this offering from Homvare. A shock-resistant hard shell case that your headphones can slot into like a mould. Available from Amazon.

Shure HPACC2

Shure are renown for their top quality travel luggage and cases for electronic equipment. While this hard-shell case doesn’t come cheap, you can put your mind at ease knowing your brand new headphones are in good hands.

Available at Shure.

Waterproof Case For Airpods By Catalyst

Airpods are taking over, and this waterproof case from Catalyst gives you an extra level of protection over the battery pack that comes with them. Not only is it waterproof and shock-resistant, but it features a clip to make sure they don’t suddenly go missing.

Available at the Apple Store.

‘The Nest’ Earbud Case

If you’re sticking to wired earbuds, this neat innovation appropriately called ‘The Nest’ will make sure you don’t suffer the headache of untangling the cables. It isn’t the best looking case on the market, but it does what it was built to do and offers some additional protection on top. Available at Amazon.

Headphone Case Buying Considerations

Different types of headphones and cases available for them:

It is always a good idea to know about something before just diving in and buying it. You will be surprised to know that there are not one but four different types of headphone available in the market:

  1. In-ear headphones: They are the smallest in size and are also called earphones, earbuds or simply buds. They are called so because a part of them goes inside your ears. These are travel-friendly and the most common type of headphones found that require a small and compact case for them.
  2. On-ear headphones: These come under medium size range and are a go-to option for portable headphones. These are believed to provide the best music experience one can have. They are lightweight and require a medium size of the case.
  3. Over-ear headphones: These are probably the one which immediately comes to mind when you hear headphones. These are the gigantic ones and they are called over the ear headphones because they are big enough to cover your whole region around the ears. Moreover, these provide the best possible isolation from noise and are super comfortable. They also offer a few options in their protective cases.
  4. AirPods: AirPods are wireless Bluetooth buds that were released in the market on December 13, 2016. Surprisingly soon after their release, the sales were touching the sky and they had attracted many customers within a short period.

Finding a suitable case for headphones is not much of work yet a tough task to do. There are several factors and key features you should look for while buying a headphone case:

  • Durability: This is the first and foremost feature you should look for in a headphone case. One must ensure that the case is durable because otherwise it would be a total waste of money. It must be strong enough to bear any kind of exploitation and damaging incident. The case should last you longer than your headphones and protect it at all costs.
  • Protective Qualities: A well-built construction, hardcover and water-resistant case will offer you the highest amount of protection.
  • Compatibility with your headphone’s form factor: After reading about different types of headphones, you have to figure out which one is for you. The small compact ones are perfect for your in-ear headphones while the biggest ones are there to fit your full-size headphones.  There are some that will hug your earphones and cover them completely without detaching their wires and on the other hand there are some cases that leave some extra space. Some headphone cases also provide some extra pouches for cables and other accessories. 
  • Design: Many people put design before function – even when it comes to things like electronics cases. While we don’t quite agree with that, there is no doubt that a design that meshes with your personal style is an important factor in itself.
  • Price and your budget: Pricing might be the last thing or the first thing for some people but it is an important factor to consider while buying a new case. One should not go overboard but look for options available in their price range. There are various companies that manufacture high-quality headphone cases within less price range. Moreover, they do provide everything that a costly case will do. The only thing with these is that you might need to change cases after a while because they will not last you longer than high price cases.
Laptop Cases

The Best MacBook Air Cases In 2020

The MacBook Air is Apple’s lightest laptop. It is also Apple’s best-selling laptop, owing to its (relatively) affordable price tag, awesome battery life and sexy-as-hell slim lines.

The newly refreshed 2020 model is the best yet. Apple have finally moved away from the dodgy butterfly keyboard and equip the laptop with the old scissor keyboard.

If you’ve recently purchased a brand new MacBook Air, making sure it is well-protected is paramount. So in comes the role of the masses of third-party accessories. Covers and cases are plentiful, to the point where choosing one is down right impossible. So we’ve gone ahead and collated a list of our favorite MacBook Air cases.

Our Favorite MacBook Air Cases in 2020

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

Sporting a rugged and futuristic design, this case from Supcase offers the amount of protection you’d expect from a case that looks as tough as it does.

Kasper Maison Leather Laptop Sleeve

If you’re after a more refined look, this full-grain cow hide leather laptop sleeve from Swedish designer Kasper Maison is a fantastic choice. It will, however, cost a lot more.

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

Blew your budget on the Air and have nothing left in the bank? This extremely affordable laptop sleeve from Amazon will do the trick. It doesn’t offer the best protection, but it’ll make sure your laptop is free from scratches as it moves around inside your backpack.

MOSISO Laptop Briefcase

MOSISO offer one of the biggest ranges of MacBook cases. The briefcase type is our favorite: The small handle differentiates it from the standard laptop sleeve while also making it more functional.

Finding The Perfect Case For Your MacBook Air

Size– it is very important that the case you buy is of the accurate size matching your Air MacBook. If it is too tight it might not fit your MacBook properly or if it is too lose it might prove to be very risky as it could slip away and fall from the case. So always find the best fit

Safety against damage– The sole purpose of the case is to keep your MacBook safe from any damage. The case should be such that even if the device falls off the case is capable of protecting it from any damage. According to the guidelines provided the case should be able to protect the device when it falls from 1 m height on a hard paved surface in any orientation. Therefore choose a case that fulfills this condition.

Safety against external conditions: always go for the case which protects the device even from the external conditions like a safeguard against dust, dirt, water, etc. waterproof case is highly recommended to keep the Air MacBook safe. For emergencies like if there is rain when you are outdoor with your MacBook, the waterproof case will play an important role.   

Space: make sure the case you choose also has enough space for its important side gadgets, like charger, earphones, etc. check the number of pockets provided. Best MacBook Air cases should have a sufficient amount of space for the user to keep extra things like notebooks, writing pads, markers, etc.

Shockproof– The case apart from protecting the laptop from damage while falling should also protect it from sudden impact, i.e. the case should able to protect it against shock. These sudden shocks. Imagine a situation when you are on a road trip in the car, and you have your MacBook air with you and suddenly there is a bump on road, the MacBook which is in your bag has to be protected against that bump, and here comes the case to rescue if chosen correctly.

Color and design: This requirement has nothing to do with the safety of the device, it rather varies from person to person. You may select the design of your case which is best for you. Today in the market there is a variety of looks available for your device from matt finish to colorful prints. You may select the best look and color you want for your MacBook.

Material: the cases nowadays can be of different materials. Select which is the best for you and is long-lasting as well. The cases are available in leather, silicone, synthetic fibers and even waterproof materials.

Thermal protection– some cases even protect your MacBook from alternate heat and cold. As stated earlier choose the correct type. If you your MacBook needs such protection against alternative high and low temperature, go for the case which satisfies this requirement.

Lightweight– the case should be as light as possible to avoid any unwanted burden. Apple ensured that the laptop you are using is lightweight and easy to carry, the same is applicable for the cases, and these two should not be heavy to make them handy and easy to carry, so choose accordingly.

Other features must also be taken care of like whether the case is provided with zips, Velcro, or locking buttons. Select according to your requirements carefully.

MacBook Air is available in 11 inches and 13-inch size. It has a different dimension from other has got a tapered, wedged-shaped body of aluminum. Therefore never try it to fit in other model cases, as can prove risky. Always go for a perfect fit. Many owners try to reuse the cases of their old models, which is not recommended.

Never compromise your MacBook Air’s safety – choose wisely!

Tablet Cases

The Best iPad Pro Cases In 2020

In today’s world, most of the things, from work to personal tasks, can be done online in just a matter of a few minutes. Due to this shift in the mode of work, most of the companies are now making their employees work through their computers, phones, and tablets. While the work can be done efficiently through a computer, it is still not possible to carry it everywhere you go. Laptops are meant for the same reason of portability, but it can get slightly inconvenient to carry a laptop everywhere as well. To remove these limitations, iPads were introduced. iPads have sufficient power and capacity to provide a great performance to its users. These are more efficient and have a larger display compared to a phone which makes it a go-to solution for all your work needs. 

While iPads come in handy, they still lack some of the durability and ruggedness to survive daily use. If you drop your iPad, you might get scratches on it or end up breaking the screen which can then cost you a large amount of money to get it repaired. To avoid this from happening, investing in a quality case can go a long way.

Our Favorite iPad Pro Cases

Here are our favorite iPad Pro cases of the year:

1. Smart Folio For iPad Pro

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Apple’s very own iPad Pro cases is one of the best out there. Constructed from a single piece of polyurethane, the case is minimalist but protective. It is also functional, as it can be folded to prop up your iPad in various positions. However, it’s definitely expensive for what it is.

2. Noreve Leather iPad Pro Case

If you’re on the lookout for an elegant and beautifully constructed leather case, Saint-Tropez born brand Noreve have got you covered. Available in a variety of colors and leather grains at Noreve.

3. Zugu Case For iPad Pro

ZUGU set out to make the best iPad case ever, and the ZUGU Alpha comes close. It isn’t the most beautiful case you’ll come across, but it is extremely functional and protective. Giving you the ability to prop up your iPad at practically any angle, you’ll be sure to find the most comfortable viewing angle wherever you are.

4. Logitech Slim Folio Pro

If you’re looking for a case that features a built-in keyboard, Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro is our favorite. Featuring backlit-keys and coming in a lot cheaper than Apple’s own smart keyboard, it’s a well made iPad Pro case that is comfortable to type on, too. Available at Logitech.

Why should you purchase an iPad Pro case?

iPads can be very useful in various situations but they also require an extra layer of protection. Since this expensive device can be prone to damages, it is necessary to increase its durability. To avoid spending a lot on repairs, it is essential to purchase an iPad Pro case that will not only keep your iPad safe but also make it look better. iPad Pro cases can be made to look even more stylish and premium in quality by choosing a beautiful cover for it that adds to its appearance. An iPad cover also helps in improving the grip of the user’s hand while holding the iPad. This can make it easier for the user to use the iPad and reduce the chances of it falling. It is necessary to find the best iPad Pro case for your device to make sure that you get all the benefits. 

What is the best case for your iPad?

There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to iPad cases. Each case differs from the other one in terms of its durability, style, appearance, advanced features and more. All these factors are to be considered whenever you have to purchase a new iPad Pro cover. The case should have the features at a suitable price for it to come under the category of the Best iPad Pro cases. The choice of iPad case can differ depending on the situation and requirement of the use. If the customer has a tight budget and cannot afford an expensive iPad case then he should search for a case that is value for money. If the user has more money to be spent but does not want to compromise on the looks as well as durability, then he can look for higher-end options. As the requirements of the users differ, the best case for them can also change. It is, therefore, difficult to select one case as the best iPad case.

What are the factors that need to be considered while buying an iPad case?

The important factors that cannot be overlooked while purchasing an iPad case have been listed below. 

  • Budget: First of all, the user should be clear of the amount of money that he will be able to spend on the iPad cover that he is willing to purchase. This amount will be a major factor in deciding which iPad cover is the best for you. With a higher budget, you can avoid compromising on any other factor and with a low or medium budget, some factors may have to be overlooked. 
  • Durability: This factor is the most important and is the only factor that should not be compromised upon even if you have a lower budget. This is the main purpose of buying an iPad case. If your iPad case is not durable, then it loses its main purpose. The best quality cases will have a very high durability even if they slightly lack in terms of appearance and grip.
  • Looks and Appearance: Appearance can be an important factor for some people who do not want to compromise on the looks of their iPad even if they have to compromise on the grip, budget or sometimes even the durability. 
  • Grip: An iPad case should be able to enhance the grip of the user’s hands on the phone to improve the overall user experience.
Laptop Cases

Best Macbook Pro Cases In 2020

The MacBook Pro isn’t a cheap laptop, and protecting it from potential damage is a top priority. Getting it a case or sleeve is a no-brainer, but being the coolest laptops around, you don’t want to lose precious style points by picking something that’s butt-ugly.

Taking good care of your gadgets is an art. You must ensure that there is minimal dust accumulation, no scratches on the screen as well, which can otherwise turn an attractive looking laptop, to an ugly one. Therefore, when picking a case always take into account protection from potential short-term and long-term damage, as well as the design of the case itself.

Our favorite Macbook Pro cases in 2020

Thule Gauntlet Macbook Pro Sleeve

Swedish brand Thule are renown for their quality roof racks and luggage. They also make some of the most rugged laptop cases around. If you want to make sure your new Macbook Pro is protected from any kind of damage, the gauntlet is definitely up to the task. Find out more at Thule.

Speck SeeThru

See through MacBook Pro are ubiquitous. They show off the Macbook Pro’s beauty while adding a valuable layer of protection. But if you’re going to get one, make sure it’s good quality, like this one from Speck.

iBenzer HexPact

Featuring an award-winning honeycomb design, the Hexpact case offers additional protection over standard hard-plastic designs. It doesn’t come cheap, but it could mean the difference between a broken Macbook and a working one.

Apple Leather Sleeve For Macbook Pro

If you’re looking for a touch of class, look no further than Apple’s very own leather sleeve for the Macbook Pro. Be warned, though, it doesn’t come cheap. Available at Apple.

What goes into designing MacBook Pro cases

MacBook is certainly one of the most sophisticated laptops that are produced by Apple. The features are not only unique but the array of facilities provided makes it good for both personal as well as professional use. On that note, it is also essential to care for the device as well. The cases for MacBook pro are specially curated with the best design experts out there. The entire team of designers has worked endless days to produce some of the most gorgeous and light-weight cases for your use. These cases not only protect your laptop from external agents but also give the device a stylish and urbane appearance as well. 

There is more than one type of MacBook pro cases available. The outer surface is mostly made of hard and durable fabric that lasts longer. The cases will also give your laptop internal protection too, which means that any kind of bangs, knocks or hits will be protected immediately. Along with that, there are different styles of the MacBook case available too. This helps in providing vast choices to customers as well. You can choose between any kind of block color or pastel color you want. 

What are the main features of MacBook Pro cases?

There is a simple mechanism present behind the appearance of all-new MacBook Pro cases. These sleeves are equipped with the best features that enhance the latest technology that the MacBook pro stands for. In describing all the features of the cases for MacBook, some of the best ones are described below:

Invested in scratch-free technology

The best part of having the best cases for your MacBook Pro is that it is made of scratch-free technology. The cases will lend your laptop extra service, in terms of protecting your screen from any kind of damages. If you have the case, then your MacBook stays scratch-free always. 


The best MacBook Pro cases are also waterproof. The outer part of the case is used to repel 100% water or any other liquids too. Even if you spill coffee or drinks over it, the case is there to keep the MacBook safe and dry. 

Dual protection

Another feature that the cases for MacBook are all about is the dual protective element. Even the interior of the case is able to adjust the temperature of the MacBook and regulate it accordingly. This makes it easier to hold the MacBook, without any kind of additional heating!

Hard and long-lasting cover

Once you get hold of a case for your MacBook pro, it is going to last you for some high time. The case is made of a solid plastic material, which keeps all sorts of damage at bay. Even the upper layer is resistant to all forms of corrosion too, thereby increasing its safety!

Easy to grip

Do not worry to hold your MacBook in a normal way, after you have placed the case. There is no danger of your MacBook sliding off, once you hold it in your hand. Also, some cases come with a grip handle too, which can be used when you are carrying the laptop for work.

Warranty available

All MacBook cases come with a warranty period of 6 months to 12 months. In case of any damage, try to seek help from Apple providers!

Where to buy the best MacBook Pro cases from?

If you already have a MacBook or just thinking of buying one, then you can definitely purchase its cases online or from any kind of electronic gadget store. While the stock is mostly limited in stores, there are online shopping sites that offer huge design and color options. Plus, you should also check with the size of the screen as well, so that no fitting issue arises later on. The covers are designed, keeping in mind that your laptop deserves all the love in the world. Therefore, invest in some money by buying a top quality MacBook pro case today and make a fresh statement!

Phone Cases

The Most Stylish iPhone Cases In 2020

Whether it’s the speed, updates, or security that comes with iPhones, or the simple fact that those who once start using the iPhones cannot switch to any other phone, the users of iPhones love their devices as one of their prized possessions. For this reason, iPhone users do not hesitate when it comes to spending on cases for their phones.

Fulfilling both the protective and aesthetic needs of iPhone owners, there are many cases to choose from. To help you choose the best ones among these, here are our favorite ones followed by a concise guide on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a case for your phone.

Our Favorite iPhone Cases In 2020

Gear 4 Battersea

Gear 4 have a rich history of making highly protective cases that look pretty decent too. The Battersea is our favorite design. Check it out here.

Ultimate Armor Gear Pathfinder

Ultimate Armor Gear specialize in making iPhone and Android cases with a rugged design. The Pathfinder is one of their meanest cases yet. Available at

Incipio Organicore

Incipio are an award winning iPhone case manufacturer with a diverse range of stylish cases. The Organicore is made from naturally biodegradable and compostable plastic for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Available here.

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox are one of the best-selling phone case manufacturers in Europe, and this case integrates a PopSocket that can be pushed in when it isn’t needed.

Lastu Real Wood Wallet Case

Lastu cases are made from real wood and rubbered hard plastic. If you fancy a nordic touch to your case, look no further. Available at Lastu.

Some talk on style

Among the topmost priorities while choosing cases for mobile phones is that of buying the perfectly styled ones. But what makes a commodity stylish? What is one thing following which you can ensure that you would be heading in the right direction to find the destination of style? The answer to these questions is that there is no one certain quality or criterion that defines style except that style is defined by you. Yes, you got that right. What is the style for you and what is not has to be decided by you, right? Therefore, finding the right case for yourself is a personal choice. You need to look for the case that carries the styling elements you like. These could include the colour themes you like, the movie or book characters that you adore, quotes that describe your defining mood, your likes, dislikes and everything else besides these. For instance, if you find a phone with the same quote of a TV show that you think sums up a lot about your life, rest assured that you have found the stylish for you. 

Now besides the personal element, a phone case should also be trendy. You’re living in the present, you do not want to go about with an old-fashioned phone case that would make it seem that it was purchased in the previous decade. So presently, what’s trending among iPhone users is having cases that have transparency. They look elegant, and most importantly, assure that the statement of having the latest iPhone is well-pronounced instead of being hidden under thick treacherous mobile cases.

The basic requirements

Style might seem like your top priority, but also make sure that you do not compromise on the main purposes of an iPhone case. The main requirements that the mobile cases of those expensive iPhones should be fulfilling are as follows:

  • Protection from impact
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Unbreakable

So, the first and foremost thing one needs to have in mind while purchasing is that the phone case should serve the purpose of protecting your precious and prized phone from impacts. No matter how much you vow to be careful, there will be times when it will slip from your hand and rocket to the ground. You might keep it on top of your car, forget and start driving only to remember after a few minutes when your phone would have already suffered the consequence of your carelessness. Thus, a case is necessary, and it is also necessary that it should be of such quality that it is impact resistant. Also, make sure that the case is heavy-duty weight resistant. Who knows when an accident might happen and what may fall upon your phone when it slips from your hand?

Moreover, the material of the case should be shock-absorbent. There are many that are naturally cushiony thanks to the use of shock-absorbent materials. Next, the phone cases should be durable – not that it is a big deal to buy another one if the current one wears off, but consider that by having durable cases, you can spend that money on getting some extra cases to go with different dresses, or occasions, or moods. For this, you should also ensure that the material itself is unbreakable since there are many plastics in use of making phone cases that break easily upon shock. 

How to find the right iPhone cases?

To make sure that you’re buying the right one for you consider the three most important factors: affordability, fulfilling the personal need, and the basic requirements already talked above.

So, if you’re not buying anything that’s within your pocket, it is likely that you won’t be satisfied even if it performs the average. Next, think about your personal needs. Are you someone who loves diving and swimming regularly? Do you work in the area of higher than normal temperature? And so on. Thus, it would become much easier for you to decide that you what you need is a waterproof mobile case or a heat-resistant one.

Giving due consideration to the factors discussed here and your personal choices, you can shop like an expert of mobile cases and find the perfect one among all the iPhone cases you can find on the market.

Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Bags 2020

The world has changed and these days everyone seems to leave the house with a number of portable device like tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Although laptops are becoming thinner and lighter, they’re just as delicate and fragile as they were five or ten years ago. Dropping your laptop could be a very costly misfortune, so protecting your laptop by keeping it in a high-quality laptop bag is essential.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favorite laptop bags for the year.

Our Favorite Laptop Bags Right Now

Fashion trends change every month, but a good laptop bag is about more than just looking good. It’s about offering a high level of functionality, protection, wearability and of course style.

Bruno Cavalli Everyday Use Backpack

This laptop backpack has been getting quite popular in 2020 due to its amazing design and detailed interiors. With its affordable price tag, it has quickly become a favourite choice for students and office workers alike. The bag can carry a laptop up to 17 inches and had padded back which significantly reduces the strain on your back while being on the move. It has several large compartments within that can help you stay organised and find things much quickly.

Deegotech Extra Large laptop Backpack

This Backpack is capable of carrying even a bulky gaming laptop of 18.4 inches. It has strong exterior cover made of industrial polyester that provides protection against bumps and scratches. It also has several pockets and mesh compartments, some of which can even be detached. The backpack comes with a reliable weather cover to protect it from rain.

Colorful Himawari Laptop Backpack With USB Charging

These Laptop Backpacks experiment with funky colours while giving the bag a more practical and comfortable design. It has wide enough compartments to carry books or notebooks and some smaller front pockets as well. With sleeves on either side, you can even carry couple of water bottles. This laptop bag is capable of carrying laptops measuring up to 17 inches. It has strong straps with a padded back as well.

Timbik2 Spire laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack can carry most 15″ and 17″ laptops. With a stylish and cool design, the bag comes with multiple pockets and mesh compartments. It has one large compartment which coupled with a front zipper-close pocket. Again, the exteriors cover is made of polyester and is thus water resistant.

Herschel Classic Student Backpack

As the name suggests, this laptop backpack is a great choice for students who need to carry more than just a laptop. The bag can carry 15 inches laptop with ample space for related items such as charger, not books, pens, etc. It has a faux-leather bottom with polyester exterior that protects it from rough weather.

Samsonite OpenRoad Chic Slim 13″ Laptop Backpack

This particular laptop bag might be a bit pricier than the other standard bags but it is definitely worth its price. It has good space in its main compartments and provides zipper pockets on the inside as well. The bag is designed for 13-inch laptops and its quality Samsonite padded straps mean it won’t strain your back and shoulders.

Bobby Bizz anti-theft laptop backpack

This backpack model comes in purple and can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop and 12-inch tablet within its two compartments. With straps over the laptop compartment, it secures the laptop from possible thefts. The bag’s exterior is made up of nylon which protects the inner contents from water. The back cushioning and adjustable side pockets are really handy while carrying heavy books and bottles on the way.

Kelmadio Casual Travel Laptop Bag

If you are looking for something more cheerful and bright then Casual Travel Daypack can be your choice. This laptop bag has doctor’s bag design and is thus able to open the top zipper wide open so that you can see everything kept inside. It can carry 15 inches laptop yet is small enough to be easily carried while travelling. It also has additional pockets on the front, sides and rear. 

Materin USB Travel Backpack

This unique laptop backpack provides the support to carry your power bank and phone while they are connected through the embedded USB port. It is a more professional looking, lightweight laptop bag which can carry laptops measuring up to 17 inches. There are many interior pockets to hold things in much more organised way. It is resistant against light rain and water splashes due to its polyester exteriors.

Reebow Military Backpack

This is a more heavy-duty laptop backpack that can prove to be quite reliable and sturdy. With its carry-all design and waterproof polyester exterior, it is ideal for rough travelling as well as heavy loads. It can carry large 17″ laptops thanks to its roomy main compartments.