Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Bags 2020

The world has changed and these days everyone seems to leave the house with a number of portable device like tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Although laptops are becoming thinner and lighter, they’re just as delicate and fragile as they were five or ten years ago. Dropping your laptop could be a very costly misfortune, so protecting your laptop by keeping it in a high-quality laptop bag is essential.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favorite laptop bags for the year.

Our Favorite Laptop Bags Right Now

Fashion trends change every month, but a good laptop bag is about more than just looking good. It’s about offering a high level of functionality, protection, wearability and of course style.

Bruno Cavalli Everyday Use Backpack

This laptop backpack has been getting quite popular in 2020 due to its amazing design and detailed interiors. With its affordable price tag, it has quickly become a favourite choice for students and office workers alike. The bag can carry a laptop up to 17 inches and had padded back which significantly reduces the strain on your back while being on the move. It has several large compartments within that can help you stay organised and find things much quickly.

Deegotech Extra Large laptop Backpack

This Backpack is capable of carrying even a bulky gaming laptop of 18.4 inches. It has strong exterior cover made of industrial polyester that provides protection against bumps and scratches. It also has several pockets and mesh compartments, some of which can even be detached. The backpack comes with a reliable weather cover to protect it from rain.

Colorful Himawari Laptop Backpack With USB Charging

These Laptop Backpacks experiment with funky colours while giving the bag a more practical and comfortable design. It has wide enough compartments to carry books or notebooks and some smaller front pockets as well. With sleeves on either side, you can even carry couple of water bottles. This laptop bag is capable of carrying laptops measuring up to 17 inches. It has strong straps with a padded back as well.

Timbik2 Spire laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack can carry most 15″ and 17″ laptops. With a stylish and cool design, the bag comes with multiple pockets and mesh compartments. It has one large compartment which coupled with a front zipper-close pocket. Again, the exteriors cover is made of polyester and is thus water resistant.

Herschel Classic Student Backpack

As the name suggests, this laptop backpack is a great choice for students who need to carry more than just a laptop. The bag can carry 15 inches laptop with ample space for related items such as charger, not books, pens, etc. It has a faux-leather bottom with polyester exterior that protects it from rough weather.

Samsonite OpenRoad Chic Slim 13″ Laptop Backpack

This particular laptop bag might be a bit pricier than the other standard bags but it is definitely worth its price. It has good space in its main compartments and provides zipper pockets on the inside as well. The bag is designed for 13-inch laptops and its quality Samsonite padded straps mean it won’t strain your back and shoulders.

Bobby Bizz anti-theft laptop backpack

This backpack model comes in purple and can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop and 12-inch tablet within its two compartments. With straps over the laptop compartment, it secures the laptop from possible thefts. The bag’s exterior is made up of nylon which protects the inner contents from water. The back cushioning and adjustable side pockets are really handy while carrying heavy books and bottles on the way.

Kelmadio Casual Travel Laptop Bag

If you are looking for something more cheerful and bright then Casual Travel Daypack can be your choice. This laptop bag has doctor’s bag design and is thus able to open the top zipper wide open so that you can see everything kept inside. It can carry 15 inches laptop yet is small enough to be easily carried while travelling. It also has additional pockets on the front, sides and rear. 

Materin USB Travel Backpack

This unique laptop backpack provides the support to carry your power bank and phone while they are connected through the embedded USB port. It is a more professional looking, lightweight laptop bag which can carry laptops measuring up to 17 inches. There are many interior pockets to hold things in much more organised way. It is resistant against light rain and water splashes due to its polyester exteriors.

Reebow Military Backpack

This is a more heavy-duty laptop backpack that can prove to be quite reliable and sturdy. With its carry-all design and waterproof polyester exterior, it is ideal for rough travelling as well as heavy loads. It can carry large 17″ laptops thanks to its roomy main compartments.