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The Best MacBook Air Cases In 2020

The MacBook Air is Apple’s lightest laptop. It is also Apple’s best-selling laptop, owing to its (relatively) affordable price tag, awesome battery life and sexy-as-hell slim lines.

The newly refreshed 2020 model is the best yet. Apple have finally moved away from the dodgy butterfly keyboard and equip the laptop with the old scissor keyboard.

If you’ve recently purchased a brand new MacBook Air, making sure it is well-protected is paramount. So in comes the role of the masses of third-party accessories. Covers and cases are plentiful, to the point where choosing one is down right impossible. So we’ve gone ahead and collated a list of our favorite MacBook Air cases.

Our Favorite MacBook Air Cases in 2020

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

Sporting a rugged and futuristic design, this case from Supcase offers the amount of protection you’d expect from a case that looks as tough as it does.

Kasper Maison Leather Laptop Sleeve

If you’re after a more refined look, this full-grain cow hide leather laptop sleeve from Swedish designer Kasper Maison is a fantastic choice. It will, however, cost a lot more.

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

Blew your budget on the Air and have nothing left in the bank? This extremely affordable laptop sleeve from Amazon will do the trick. It doesn’t offer the best protection, but it’ll make sure your laptop is free from scratches as it moves around inside your backpack.

MOSISO Laptop Briefcase

MOSISO offer one of the biggest ranges of MacBook cases. The briefcase type is our favorite: The small handle differentiates it from the standard laptop sleeve while also making it more functional.

Finding The Perfect Case For Your MacBook Air

Size– it is very important that the case you buy is of the accurate size matching your Air MacBook. If it is too tight it might not fit your MacBook properly or if it is too lose it might prove to be very risky as it could slip away and fall from the case. So always find the best fit

Safety against damage– The sole purpose of the case is to keep your MacBook safe from any damage. The case should be such that even if the device falls off the case is capable of protecting it from any damage. According to the guidelines provided the case should be able to protect the device when it falls from 1 m height on a hard paved surface in any orientation. Therefore choose a case that fulfills this condition.

Safety against external conditions: always go for the case which protects the device even from the external conditions like a safeguard against dust, dirt, water, etc. waterproof case is highly recommended to keep the Air MacBook safe. For emergencies like if there is rain when you are outdoor with your MacBook, the waterproof case will play an important role.   

Space: make sure the case you choose also has enough space for its important side gadgets, like charger, earphones, etc. check the number of pockets provided. Best MacBook Air cases should have a sufficient amount of space for the user to keep extra things like notebooks, writing pads, markers, etc.

Shockproof– The case apart from protecting the laptop from damage while falling should also protect it from sudden impact, i.e. the case should able to protect it against shock. These sudden shocks. Imagine a situation when you are on a road trip in the car, and you have your MacBook air with you and suddenly there is a bump on road, the MacBook which is in your bag has to be protected against that bump, and here comes the case to rescue if chosen correctly.

Color and design: This requirement has nothing to do with the safety of the device, it rather varies from person to person. You may select the design of your case which is best for you. Today in the market there is a variety of looks available for your device from matt finish to colorful prints. You may select the best look and color you want for your MacBook.

Material: the cases nowadays can be of different materials. Select which is the best for you and is long-lasting as well. The cases are available in leather, silicone, synthetic fibers and even waterproof materials.

Thermal protection– some cases even protect your MacBook from alternate heat and cold. As stated earlier choose the correct type. If you your MacBook needs such protection against alternative high and low temperature, go for the case which satisfies this requirement.

Lightweight– the case should be as light as possible to avoid any unwanted burden. Apple ensured that the laptop you are using is lightweight and easy to carry, the same is applicable for the cases, and these two should not be heavy to make them handy and easy to carry, so choose accordingly.

Other features must also be taken care of like whether the case is provided with zips, Velcro, or locking buttons. Select according to your requirements carefully.

MacBook Air is available in 11 inches and 13-inch size. It has a different dimension from other has got a tapered, wedged-shaped body of aluminum. Therefore never try it to fit in other model cases, as can prove risky. Always go for a perfect fit. Many owners try to reuse the cases of their old models, which is not recommended.

Never compromise your MacBook Air’s safety – choose wisely!