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Best Macbook Pro Cases In 2020

The MacBook Pro isn’t a cheap laptop, and protecting it from potential damage is a top priority. Getting it a case or sleeve is a no-brainer, but being the coolest laptops around, you don’t want to lose precious style points by picking something that’s butt-ugly.

Taking good care of your gadgets is an art. You must ensure that there is minimal dust accumulation, no scratches on the screen as well, which can otherwise turn an attractive looking laptop, to an ugly one. Therefore, when picking a case always take into account protection from potential short-term and long-term damage, as well as the design of the case itself.

Our favorite Macbook Pro cases in 2020

Thule Gauntlet Macbook Pro Sleeve

Swedish brand Thule are renown for their quality roof racks and luggage. They also make some of the most rugged laptop cases around. If you want to make sure your new Macbook Pro is protected from any kind of damage, the gauntlet is definitely up to the task. Find out more at Thule.

Speck SeeThru

See through MacBook Pro are ubiquitous. They show off the Macbook Pro’s beauty while adding a valuable layer of protection. But if you’re going to get one, make sure it’s good quality, like this one from Speck.

iBenzer HexPact

Featuring an award-winning honeycomb design, the Hexpact case offers additional protection over standard hard-plastic designs. It doesn’t come cheap, but it could mean the difference between a broken Macbook and a working one.

Apple Leather Sleeve For Macbook Pro

If you’re looking for a touch of class, look no further than Apple’s very own leather sleeve for the Macbook Pro. Be warned, though, it doesn’t come cheap. Available at Apple.

What goes into designing MacBook Pro cases

MacBook is certainly one of the most sophisticated laptops that are produced by Apple. The features are not only unique but the array of facilities provided makes it good for both personal as well as professional use. On that note, it is also essential to care for the device as well. The cases for MacBook pro are specially curated with the best design experts out there. The entire team of designers has worked endless days to produce some of the most gorgeous and light-weight cases for your use. These cases not only protect your laptop from external agents but also give the device a stylish and urbane appearance as well. 

There is more than one type of MacBook pro cases available. The outer surface is mostly made of hard and durable fabric that lasts longer. The cases will also give your laptop internal protection too, which means that any kind of bangs, knocks or hits will be protected immediately. Along with that, there are different styles of the MacBook case available too. This helps in providing vast choices to customers as well. You can choose between any kind of block color or pastel color you want. 

What are the main features of MacBook Pro cases?

There is a simple mechanism present behind the appearance of all-new MacBook Pro cases. These sleeves are equipped with the best features that enhance the latest technology that the MacBook pro stands for. In describing all the features of the cases for MacBook, some of the best ones are described below:

Invested in scratch-free technology

The best part of having the best cases for your MacBook Pro is that it is made of scratch-free technology. The cases will lend your laptop extra service, in terms of protecting your screen from any kind of damages. If you have the case, then your MacBook stays scratch-free always. 


The best MacBook Pro cases are also waterproof. The outer part of the case is used to repel 100% water or any other liquids too. Even if you spill coffee or drinks over it, the case is there to keep the MacBook safe and dry. 

Dual protection

Another feature that the cases for MacBook are all about is the dual protective element. Even the interior of the case is able to adjust the temperature of the MacBook and regulate it accordingly. This makes it easier to hold the MacBook, without any kind of additional heating!

Hard and long-lasting cover

Once you get hold of a case for your MacBook pro, it is going to last you for some high time. The case is made of a solid plastic material, which keeps all sorts of damage at bay. Even the upper layer is resistant to all forms of corrosion too, thereby increasing its safety!

Easy to grip

Do not worry to hold your MacBook in a normal way, after you have placed the case. There is no danger of your MacBook sliding off, once you hold it in your hand. Also, some cases come with a grip handle too, which can be used when you are carrying the laptop for work.

Warranty available

All MacBook cases come with a warranty period of 6 months to 12 months. In case of any damage, try to seek help from Apple providers!

Where to buy the best MacBook Pro cases from?

If you already have a MacBook or just thinking of buying one, then you can definitely purchase its cases online or from any kind of electronic gadget store. While the stock is mostly limited in stores, there are online shopping sites that offer huge design and color options. Plus, you should also check with the size of the screen as well, so that no fitting issue arises later on. The covers are designed, keeping in mind that your laptop deserves all the love in the world. Therefore, invest in some money by buying a top quality MacBook pro case today and make a fresh statement!