Headphone Cases

The Best Headphone Cases To Carry And Protect Your Headphones In 2020

Music makes our lives happier and compels us to dance to its rhythm. People of all ages can be seen with their headphones on and grooving to their favorite beats while traveling, working or even studying.

Today, headphones are serious business. Long gone are the days where we’d be content with a pair of in-flight headphones provided by the airline. Nowadays, we’re picky about everything from audio fidelity and design to smaller details like noise isolation properties, wireless vs wired and open back vs closed back.

Why you should buy a headphone case:

However, to take proper care of your shiny new pair of headphones, getting a nice case might be in order. Damage to headphones usually results from mishandling and improper care.

If you’re careful, you might get away with a few scuffs on the earpads or expected wear and tear to the cabling. However, something like dropping them on concrete while you’re outside might damage the internals – Not something you’d want to risk if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on audiophile grade equipment.

Luckily, headphone cases are there to safeguard your headphones from such possibilities. Furthermore, they don’t exist solely to protect them. Most of them feature extras like an extra compartment which can fit detachable cables or a carrying handle.

Our Favorite Headphone Case in 2020

Homvare Hard Shell Case For Over-The-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for a no-frills hard shell case for an average-sized pair of over the ear headphones, look no further than this offering from Homvare. A shock-resistant hard shell case that your headphones can slot into like a mould. Available from Amazon.

Shure HPACC2

Shure are renown for their top quality travel luggage and cases for electronic equipment. While this hard-shell case doesn’t come cheap, you can put your mind at ease knowing your brand new headphones are in good hands.

Available at Shure.

Waterproof Case For Airpods By Catalyst

Airpods are taking over, and this waterproof case from Catalyst gives you an extra level of protection over the battery pack that comes with them. Not only is it waterproof and shock-resistant, but it features a clip to make sure they don’t suddenly go missing.

Available at the Apple Store.

‘The Nest’ Earbud Case

If you’re sticking to wired earbuds, this neat innovation appropriately called ‘The Nest’ will make sure you don’t suffer the headache of untangling the cables. It isn’t the best looking case on the market, but it does what it was built to do and offers some additional protection on top. Available at Amazon.

Headphone Case Buying Considerations

Different types of headphones and cases available for them:

It is always a good idea to know about something before just diving in and buying it. You will be surprised to know that there are not one but four different types of headphone available in the market:

  1. In-ear headphones: They are the smallest in size and are also called earphones, earbuds or simply buds. They are called so because a part of them goes inside your ears. These are travel-friendly and the most common type of headphones found that require a small and compact case for them.
  2. On-ear headphones: These come under medium size range and are a go-to option for portable headphones. These are believed to provide the best music experience one can have. They are lightweight and require a medium size of the case.
  3. Over-ear headphones: These are probably the one which immediately comes to mind when you hear headphones. These are the gigantic ones and they are called over the ear headphones because they are big enough to cover your whole region around the ears. Moreover, these provide the best possible isolation from noise and are super comfortable. They also offer a few options in their protective cases.
  4. AirPods: AirPods are wireless Bluetooth buds that were released in the market on December 13, 2016. Surprisingly soon after their release, the sales were touching the sky and they had attracted many customers within a short period.

Finding a suitable case for headphones is not much of work yet a tough task to do. There are several factors and key features you should look for while buying a headphone case:

  • Durability: This is the first and foremost feature you should look for in a headphone case. One must ensure that the case is durable because otherwise it would be a total waste of money. It must be strong enough to bear any kind of exploitation and damaging incident. The case should last you longer than your headphones and protect it at all costs.
  • Protective Qualities: A well-built construction, hardcover and water-resistant case will offer you the highest amount of protection.
  • Compatibility with your headphone’s form factor: After reading about different types of headphones, you have to figure out which one is for you. The small compact ones are perfect for your in-ear headphones while the biggest ones are there to fit your full-size headphones.  There are some that will hug your earphones and cover them completely without detaching their wires and on the other hand there are some cases that leave some extra space. Some headphone cases also provide some extra pouches for cables and other accessories. 
  • Design: Many people put design before function – even when it comes to things like electronics cases. While we don’t quite agree with that, there is no doubt that a design that meshes with your personal style is an important factor in itself.
  • Price and your budget: Pricing might be the last thing or the first thing for some people but it is an important factor to consider while buying a new case. One should not go overboard but look for options available in their price range. There are various companies that manufacture high-quality headphone cases within less price range. Moreover, they do provide everything that a costly case will do. The only thing with these is that you might need to change cases after a while because they will not last you longer than high price cases.