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The Most Stylish iPhone Cases In 2020

Whether it’s the speed, updates, or security that comes with iPhones, or the simple fact that those who once start using the iPhones cannot switch to any other phone, the users of iPhones love their devices as one of their prized possessions. For this reason, iPhone users do not hesitate when it comes to spending on cases for their phones.

Fulfilling both the protective and aesthetic needs of iPhone owners, there are many cases to choose from. To help you choose the best ones among these, here are our favorite ones followed by a concise guide on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a case for your phone.

Our Favorite iPhone Cases In 2020

Gear 4 Battersea

Gear 4 have a rich history of making highly protective cases that look pretty decent too. The Battersea is our favorite design. Check it out here.

Ultimate Armor Gear Pathfinder

Ultimate Armor Gear specialize in making iPhone and Android cases with a rugged design. The Pathfinder is one of their meanest cases yet. Available at

Incipio Organicore

Incipio are an award winning iPhone case manufacturer with a diverse range of stylish cases. The Organicore is made from naturally biodegradable and compostable plastic for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Available here.

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

Otterbox are one of the best-selling phone case manufacturers in Europe, and this case integrates a PopSocket that can be pushed in when it isn’t needed.

Lastu Real Wood Wallet Case

Lastu cases are made from real wood and rubbered hard plastic. If you fancy a nordic touch to your case, look no further. Available at Lastu.

Some talk on style

Among the topmost priorities while choosing cases for mobile phones is that of buying the perfectly styled ones. But what makes a commodity stylish? What is one thing following which you can ensure that you would be heading in the right direction to find the destination of style? The answer to these questions is that there is no one certain quality or criterion that defines style except that style is defined by you. Yes, you got that right. What is the style for you and what is not has to be decided by you, right? Therefore, finding the right case for yourself is a personal choice. You need to look for the case that carries the styling elements you like. These could include the colour themes you like, the movie or book characters that you adore, quotes that describe your defining mood, your likes, dislikes and everything else besides these. For instance, if you find a phone with the same quote of a TV show that you think sums up a lot about your life, rest assured that you have found the stylish for you. 

Now besides the personal element, a phone case should also be trendy. You’re living in the present, you do not want to go about with an old-fashioned phone case that would make it seem that it was purchased in the previous decade. So presently, what’s trending among iPhone users is having cases that have transparency. They look elegant, and most importantly, assure that the statement of having the latest iPhone is well-pronounced instead of being hidden under thick treacherous mobile cases.

The basic requirements

Style might seem like your top priority, but also make sure that you do not compromise on the main purposes of an iPhone case. The main requirements that the mobile cases of those expensive iPhones should be fulfilling are as follows:

  • Protection from impact
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Unbreakable

So, the first and foremost thing one needs to have in mind while purchasing is that the phone case should serve the purpose of protecting your precious and prized phone from impacts. No matter how much you vow to be careful, there will be times when it will slip from your hand and rocket to the ground. You might keep it on top of your car, forget and start driving only to remember after a few minutes when your phone would have already suffered the consequence of your carelessness. Thus, a case is necessary, and it is also necessary that it should be of such quality that it is impact resistant. Also, make sure that the case is heavy-duty weight resistant. Who knows when an accident might happen and what may fall upon your phone when it slips from your hand?

Moreover, the material of the case should be shock-absorbent. There are many that are naturally cushiony thanks to the use of shock-absorbent materials. Next, the phone cases should be durable – not that it is a big deal to buy another one if the current one wears off, but consider that by having durable cases, you can spend that money on getting some extra cases to go with different dresses, or occasions, or moods. For this, you should also ensure that the material itself is unbreakable since there are many plastics in use of making phone cases that break easily upon shock. 

How to find the right iPhone cases?

To make sure that you’re buying the right one for you consider the three most important factors: affordability, fulfilling the personal need, and the basic requirements already talked above.

So, if you’re not buying anything that’s within your pocket, it is likely that you won’t be satisfied even if it performs the average. Next, think about your personal needs. Are you someone who loves diving and swimming regularly? Do you work in the area of higher than normal temperature? And so on. Thus, it would become much easier for you to decide that you what you need is a waterproof mobile case or a heat-resistant one.

Giving due consideration to the factors discussed here and your personal choices, you can shop like an expert of mobile cases and find the perfect one among all the iPhone cases you can find on the market.